Travel group tour voice guidance mobile app.

Works without WIFI, Cellular or any external hardware! 

Key Features.

  Personal safety - I’m lost button
  ​White label for organization 

  Rich Itinerary management
  Digital integrated surveys

  Multi-language support
  Fast check-in/counting of the group members.
  Offline map + location of the guide, bus, and officials on the trip.
  Audio guidance- no additional hardware device is needed. 
  Communication with the guide and group members even if they don't have internet access.

Designed by Guides.

Tripi empowers tour guides to manage and give a better user experience, while saving money on eliminating the need for Physical radio systems.​

Applications for audio communication systems (bring your own phone)

   Audio Guided Tours
   Simultaneous Interpretation (Translations)
   ​Audio Description


For Orginization

Real-time visibility, connectivity with the tour guide and group members.

For Guides

Mobile application with an offline map, location awareness and ​real-time communication between the tour members ​without the need for internet.

Physical Device Replacement

The application allows the group to be guided by voice without internet access.

Saves Money.

  • By using the Tripi voice module instead of FM radio devices, your organization will save direct operation costs.

  • Use of Tripi content module and offline maps instead of printed materials.

  • Integral tour survey - you will get survey summary by the end of the tour.

How it works.


By using the most innovative communication technology that connects travelers’ mobile smartphones, Tripi provides a set of unique tools that enable relevant information exchange between the tour guide and the travelers at the tips of their fingers – quickly, efficiently and easily WITHOUT internet connectivity OR any additional external hardware device.

Free trial with all features for 14  days! No credit card is needed!

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